Surgery of Stapes Fixations 2016

Istvan Sziklai


This book provides the first comprehensive overview of the various conventional and cutting-edge surgical techniques for stapes fixations. After describing the broad range of stapes fixations, it discusses the preoperative diagnostic workup, with special emphasis on the role of CT scanning. It reviews stapedectomy and stapedotomy via the classic tympanotomy approach using different stapes footplate fenestration methodologies, and describes the increasingly popular technique of middle ear endoscopy. A subsequent chapter is devoted to the important topic of robot-assisted surgery. The book then reviews the evolution of the piston prosthesis, highlighting the practical aspects of the different types of piston, their benefits, and their impact on hearing. Lasers are also discussed, and the closing chapters focus on revision surgery and consider outcome measures following stapes surgery. To better illustrate the subject matter, the book features a wealth of photographs (including more than 50 in color), as well as in-depth surgical more


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