Opioid Use, Overuse, and Abuse in Otolaryngology

Ryan J. Li

Prescription opioid abuse has become a major issue around the world, especially within the United States and Canada. Surgeons’ high rate of opioid prescriptions places them in a critical position of working with patients to manage their pain. Opioid Use, Overuse, and Abuse in Otolaryngology, edited by Dr. Ryan J. Li of Oregon Health and Sciences University, takes a comprehensive, practical look at the national opioid epidemic and provides specific otolaryngology-specific data on chronic opioid usage.

Discusses perioperative pain management in otolaryngology from an anesthesiology perspective, perioperative pain management in pediatric otolaryngology, rhinology and anterior skull base surgery, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, neurotology, head and neck cancers, and more.

Offers nonopioid analgesic options for otolaryngology-head and neck surgery patients and discusses a structured approach to perioperative pain management.

Presents the knowledge and expertise of leading experts who have assembled the most up-to-date recommendations for opioid use, overuse, and abuse, including international pain management approaches.

Covers the history of perioperative pain management in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery.


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