Interventional Management of Chronic Visceral Pain Syndromes

Daniel J. Pak, Jason Yong, Krishna Shah

Offering timely coverage of this complex field, Interventional Management of Chronic Visceral Pain Syndromes is a practical, evidence-based guide for the mechanisms, presentation, diagnosis, and treatments of chronic non-malignant and malignant abdominal pain syndromes. Experienced clinicians and academic leaders in pain medicine comprehensively discuss best-practice guidelines using the newest interventional techniques, including dorsal root ganglion stimulation, high frequency spinal cord stimulation, and low-dose intrathecal infusion pumps. Coverage includes malignant and non-malignant gastrointestinal pain, malignant and non-malignant pelvic pain in males and females, rectal pain, and chest pain.

Discusses key demographic characteristics as well as clinical and diagnostic presentations of the most common and esoteric visceral pain syndromes that will enable clinicians to identify pain generators.

Provides a truly systematic approach to the treatment of chronic visceral pain, including the use of pharmacologic, non-interventional, interventional, and multidisciplinary therapies with evidence-based data.

Covers the indications, contraindications, and outcomes results of the newest interventional treatments that all clinicians should be aware of, including neuromodulation and intrathecal pump therapy.


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