Rethinking Rhinoplasty and Facial Surgery : A Structural Anatomic Re-Analysis of the Face and Nose and Their Role in Aesthetics, Airway, and Sleep

Howard D. Stupak

This volume presents a novel logic-based, simplified understanding and approach to the external nose and face for aesthetics, airway, and sleep treatments that have mostly been under-recognized in the past. Key features of the text include an engineer’s approach to simple rhinoplasty, (Release, Resize, Reposition, Reinforce) instead of the typical step-wise procedure algorithm. It also includes a logical explanation of how facial skeletal anatomy is the true cause of sleep apnea and aesthetic deformity with the physics and evidence of how this works, and a review of conventional rhinoplasty/facial structural treatments, with an analysis of why these are flawed and need improvement. Finally, rhinoplasty surgical strategy is discussed using a Rhinoplasty Compass(TM) diagram.

Rethinking Rhinoplasty and Facial Surgery appeals to the surgeon who has grown frustrated with the aesthetic and breathing results of the conventional treatment paradigm. It also appeals to the otolaryngologist, plastic or oral surgeon who avoids working on the external nose and nasal valve because of the perceived complexity of graft-style rhinoplasty or oversimplicity and limitations of basic septoplasty and turbinate reduction. This book provides a hybrid approach to the nose and face that provides more reliable and straightforward outcomes via an understanding of framework.


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