Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer and Cutaneous Melanoma : Surgical Treatment and Reconstruction

Othon Papadopoulos, Nikolaos A. Papadopulos, Grigorios Champsas

This book describes and illustrates the reconstructive surgical techniques appropriate in patients with skin cancer and melanoma, according to anatomic region, with a view to enabling readers to perform these techniques optimally. An extensive introductory section discusses skin cancer and melanoma from the points of view of dermatology, oncology, pathology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, and plastic and reconstructive surgery. The surgical treatment and reconstruction of localized skin cancer and melanoma in each anatomic region are then explained step by step with the aid of a wealth of color photos. The final section similarly presents the techniques and procedures appropriate for the surgical treatment and reconstruction of lymph node metastases, covering the sentinel node, lymphadenectomy, and lymphedema. This book will be immensely valuable for plastic and general surgeons, and also of interest for dermatologists, pathologists, oncologists, and nuclear medicine physicians.


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