Atlas of Parathyroid Surgery

Alexander Shifrin

This Atlas is designed to illustrate different techniques on how to perform successful parathyroidectomy by using traditional four gland exploration approach and minimally invasive approaches, such as the open minimally invasive approach, video-assisted approach, back-door approach, transoral endoscopic parathyroidectomy approach (TOEPVA), and endoscopic lateral parathyroidectomy approach. It illustrates removal of a right and left, and superior and inferior parathyroid glands. Written by renowned endocrine surgeons and experts in the field, each chapter begins with a case description that defines the main aspect of surgery. Each picture, which is taken intraoperatively, is accompanied by corresponding drawings for easier understanding of the anatomical structures and steps of the procedure. In addition, most of the authors provided a video of the same case as it is depicted in the chapter. The Atlas also gives some common pitfalls of the procedure in an effort to avoid complications and improve patient outcomes.

Atlas of Parathyroid Surgery provides an indispensable source of knowledge to all surgeons, those who just started their career, and those who are in the more advanced stages of their practice and are learning new techniques of parathyroidectomy.


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