Succeeding in the MRCS Part B Exam : Essential Revision Notes for the OSCE Format

Nikhil Pawa; Efthymios Ypsilantis
This clear and concise revision guide has been written to aid surgical trainees in their effective preparation for the new format MRCS Part B examination. It covers material on all five broad content areas of the OCSE format and includes a detailed section on effective communication skills. Chapters are structured in a logical manner with examples from the examination. Text is provided in short bullet points and simplified diagrams. Important references regarding trials and national guidelines have been added for further preparation. This time-saving MRCS Part B revision guide is written by doctors who have excelled in the MRCS Part B, provides practice scenarios similar to what you will face in the exam and is structured according to Royal College of Surgeons Guidelines. It addresses the five key areas you will be examined on: anatomy and surgical pathology, surgical skills and patient safety, communication skills, applied surgical science and critical care and clinical skills in history-taking and physical examination. This engaging and easy-to-use revision guide will provide you with everything you need to know to fully prepare for all aspects of the MRCS Part B exam, and is an essential book for any person who wants to excel.

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