Virtual Endoscopy and 3D Reconstruction in the Airways

Nabil A. Shallik, Abbas H. Moustafa, Marco A.E. Marcus

This book is unique in its approach, covering the impact of virtual endoscopy and 3D reconstruction on surgical modalities and perioperative airway options. Airway management is an essential skill that is practiced daily by almost all anesthetists across the world. Most of the anesthesia-related morbidities and mortalities in the perioperative period are associated with respiratory complications, either of airway or pulmonary problems. Thus, the prediction of airway complications in perioperative period has been an active research field for many decades and is a cornerstone of perioperative anesthesia assessment and management.

Virtual endoscopy & 3D reconstruction is a novel, reliable and non-invasive airway assessment tool that is able to reconstruct simple CT images to provide a clear view of the airway down to the bronchial trees, and offers the highest possible sensitivity, comparable with fiberoptic endoscopic pictures. This revolutionary tool avoids the hazards of invasive airway assessment by fiber-optic bronchoscopy, like bleeding from airway masses, sedation induced airway collapse and other complications. This book is a valuable resource for anesthesiologists, intensivists, surgeons, radiologists, otolaryngologists, medical students as well as residents in training.


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