Injection-Induced Breast Siliconomas : Clinical Implications, Evaluation and Treatment

Gustavo Emilio Schenone

Although there is a current ban in many countries on the injection of liquid silicone, paraffin or polyacrylamide hydrogels or other gel or liquid materials into the breasts for the purpose of increasing size, there are still a large number of non-professionals who use these injections and offer them as a cheap alternative to plastic surgery. The results, at first, may seem cosmetically favorable for the patient, but these injections often lead to painful complications like mastitis (inflammation of the mammary gland) and can make it incredibly difficult to diagnose breast cancer early. Many patients suffer delayed complications that force them to seek expert care for corrective and reconstructive surgery. This book, the culmination of decades of research, aims to serve the surgeon faced with these complications, offering a detailed step-by-step guide of the pathology from clinical diagnosis and imaging studies to the different surgical and reconstructive procedures for reconstruction. As there is no clinical management consensus or international guideline, Injection-Induced Breast Siliconomas: Clinical Implications, Evaluation and Treatment fills the gap in the literature and encourages more research.

Previously published in Spanish in 2017 under the title “Siliconomas Mamarios por Inyeccion: Clinica, Diagnostico y Tratamiento”, this English translation is a true re-edition of the original version with added updates for the English-speaking audience.


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