Urological Care for Patients with Progressive Neurological Conditions

John T. Stoffel, Elizabeth V. Dray

This text creates a framework for the integration of urological care into the long-term management of patients with progressive neurological conditions. It begins with a general review of the neuroanatomy and physiology of the bladder, followed by a discussion of common techniques for evaluating bladder and upper tract function, and the general principles of bladder management in patients with neurogenic bladder disease. Section II narrows the scope of each chapter to focus on specific neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, and Cerebral Palsy. Each chapter begins with a brief synopsis of the neurologic basis of each disease, followed by its most common urologic manifestations, specific recommendations for urologic care in each disease state, and finally a recommended pathway for integrated long-term care of these patients based on available evidence and expert opinion. The final section of the text reviews the generalized care of patients with advanced disease, including palliative and end of life options, focusing on urologic interventions.

Urological Care for Patients with Progressive Neurological Conditions will be an invaluable resource for urologists, neurologists, and all health care providers treating patients with neurological diseases.


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