Fractures of the Hip

Lorenz Büchler, Marius J.B. Keel

This book is a state-of-the-art reference resource for surgeons treating patients with intra-articular fractures of the hip. It serves as a guide to assessing and classifying typical fracture patterns to reach the correct diagnosis and helps select the appropriate up-to-date treatment strategy.

It describes in detail the complex anatomy of the acetabulum and proximal femur, and also explains the assessment of various radiological imaging techniques for the pelvis and the hip.

The book highlights the advantages and disadvantages of traditional as well as newer surgical approaches to the hip and pelvis, such as surgical hip dislocation, hip arthroscopy, the pararectus approach, and combined approaches. For each surgical approach, the authors identify typical complications and document long-term outcomes.

It also includes chapters on the management of specific fracture types, such as acetabular, femoral head (Pipkin), and femoral neck fractures, as well as traumatic hip dislocations, and pathological fractures due to osteoporosis or tumors. This book is part of the series Fracture Management Joint by Joint.


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