Psychosexual Counseling in Andrological Surgery


This book combines concise descriptions of the various andrological surgical interventions in the adolescent and adult with detailed analysis of the pre- and postoperative psychosexual counseling of the patient and his family that is appropriate to each procedure. It offers a multidisciplinary approach to the candidate for andrological surgery that reflects the everyday experiences of an andro-sexology team. Each chapter focuses on a particular surgical procedure. Succinct description of the disease and its epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment is followed by extensive discussion of all aspects of psychosexual relevance and the required counseling. Topics addressed include, for example, the impact of diagnosis, body image issues, fears relating to the surgical procedure and its outcome, the risk of excessive expectations and consequent disillusionment, relationship issues and communication problems, and the role of the sexologist. The analysis and guidance offered in this book will be of particular value to the less experienced andrologist and will assist in achieving postoperative patient satisfaction.


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