Feeling Smarter and Smarter : Discovering the Inner-Ear Origins and Treatment for Dyslexia/LD, ADD/ADHD, and Phobias/Anxiety

Harold N. MD Levinson

In this ground-breaking book, Dr. Harold Levinson, a renowned psychiatrist and clinical researcher, provides his long-awaited follow-up work about truly understanding and successfully treating children and adults with many and diverse dyslexia-related disorders such as those found on the cover. This fascinating, life-changing title is primarily about helping children who suffer from varied combinations and severities of previously unexplained inner-ear-determined symptoms resulting in difficulties with:

reading, writing, spelling, math, memory, speech, sense of direction and time

grammar, concentration/activity-level, balance and coordination

headaches, nausea, dizziness, ringing ears, and motion-sickness

frustration levels and feeling dumb, ugly, klutzy, phobic, and depressed

impulsivity, cutting class, dropping out of school, and substance abuse

bullying and being bullied as well as anger and social interactions

later becoming emotionally traumatized and scarred dysfunctional adults

Feeling Smarter and Smarter is thus also about and for the millions of frus-trated and failing adults who are often overwhelmed by similar and even more complicated symptoms-as well as for their dedicated healers. Having laid the initial foundations for his many current insights in an earlier bestseller, Smart But Feeling Dumb, Dr. Levinson now presents a compelling range of enlightening new cases and data as well as a large number of highly original discoveries-such as his challenging illumination that all dyslexia-related manifestations are primarily inner-ear or cerebellar-vestibular-not cerebrally-determined and so do not impair IQ, and an “ingeniously simple” explanatory theory of symptom formation. Most important, all the dyslexia/inner-ear based impairments and their symptoms were discovered by Dr. Levinson to respond rapidly and often “mi-raculously” in 75 to 85 percent of cases when treated with simple and safe inner-ear enhancing medications-thus enabling bright but dumb-feeling children and adults to feel… smarter and smarter.


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