Comprehensive and Clinical Anatomy of the Middle Ear

Salah Mansour, Jacques Magnan, Hassan Haidar Ahmad, Karen Nicolas, Stephane Louryan

This fully revised and expanded second edition provides a comprehensive, most up-to-date and extensive work on middle ear anatomy. Related biomechanics are explained to enhance the understanding of functional anatomy. Clinical situations are correlated to the anatomical impacts of middle ear diseases. Advanced knowledge of embryology helps to correlate anatomical status in relation to developmental anomalies. Endoscopy succeeds to demonstrate anatomical details along with their impact on surgery of the middle ear. The inclusion of carefully selected CT scans assist in the reading of normal anatomy comparing with pathological features. This work enables those undergoing surgical training to hone their surgical skills. Comprehensive and Clinical Anatomy of the Middle Ear 2nd edition is aimed at otolaryngology residents, otology and neurotology fellows, researchers, teachers and practitioners.


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