Frontal Sinus Surgery : A Systematic Approach

Devyani Lal, Peter H. Hwang

This state-of-the-art text addresses surgery of the frontal sinus, and

the challenges that come along with it. It provides a comprehensive

overview of the anatomy of the frontal sinus and a systematic method

of approaching and executing sinus surgery, as well as tools, tips, and

strategies in optimizing success. Additional chapters include the

management of acute and chronic frontal sinus inflammation, trauma

of the frontal sinus, tumors in the frontal sinus, and pediatric frontal

surgery. Perioperative care and management of complications are also

discussed. Chapters are richly illustrated with fi gures and surgical

videos, replete with practical pearls and tips.

Frontal Sinus Surgery: A Systematic Approach will be an invaluable

resource for general otolaryngologists and rhinologists interested in

the frontal sinus.


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